The professionalism that Anna brings to her performances, either in the intimate environment of a salon or the spectacular venue of the concert hall, is born of a native talent developed and honed by a dedication few could emulate.

Introduced at the age of three to the piano by her mother, also an able pianist and teacher, Anna rapidly proved to be a natural musician. She entered music school at five years old and majored on the 65-stringed bandura – the national instrument of the Ukraine, her home country. The incredible dextrousness Anna developed to play the bandura to concert level proved a transferable skill to the piano.

While still less than ten years old, Anna gave public solo performances on both instruments and as she progressed through her education to Master’s level at the Donetsk Conservatoire of Music and Art, she taught students, gave concerts, accompanied theatrical performances and became an accomplished soloist.

Qualified and with more than fifteen years experience as piano teacher, lecturer, concertmaster, chamber ensemble player and of course solo performer, Anna lives music.

Anna’s reputation preceded her after she left the Ukraine and she was soon recognised as a valuable musical asset in the field of live performance.

Preferring the intimacy of ensemble and salon performance, Anna accepted contractual offers of ‘Musician in Residence’ from schools, corporate entities and significantly, brand-conscious hotel groups, notably the Waldorf Astoria and Rotana. Appearing at both, Anna gave over one thousand live performances and sealed her commercial reputation.

In hotel and private salon performance, Anna exhibits a musical empathy that fits the mood of the venue audience. Perfectly able to interpret everything from current popular music to high classical, she reads the audience and responds to their mood.

Quiet, focused, elegant and gracious in demeanour Anna adds a very special presence to any occasion or venue. Perfectly able to take front-of-stage when required or disappearing into the background for ethereal mood music, Anna Gamal brings a personal magic to her playing that both characterises her and enchants all who hear her.

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